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Welcome to Alliance1Health, an affordable health insurance agency based out of New York City, servicing 45 states nationwide. Our mission is to help individuals and families find the best and most affordable health insurance policies, tailored to their specific needs.

Bridge Plans

Fixed Idemnity

Dental, Vision & Hearing

Major Medical

  •  Short term 

  •  Includes major benefits similar to Medicare Part A or B

  •  Use while waiting for Medicare eligibility

  •  No co-pay, no co-insurance

  •  Cash Benefits

  •  Excellent add on to existing health plan

  •  Covers some out of pocket expenses

  •  Provides Flexibility

  • Essential add-on if not offered by existing plan

  • Excellent coverage options

  • Discount programs available

  • Major carriers available

  • Covers all minimum essential benefits

  • Meets the standards of the Affordable Care Act

  • Designed to minimize out-of-pocket expenses

  • Covers care associated with serious illness and hospitalization

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